Sea to Sky Review  is interested in poetry and prose (fiction, non-fiction). We also  welcome interviews and reviews, artwork and photography. Our goal is to  create a magazine of interest to all kinds of readers. BC is one of the  most beautiful and richly diverse places in the world – we hope to  celebrate this.

Please send one prose piece or up to 5 poems. Because we are an online journal, there are no  restrictions as to length however please be aware we favour short prose (under 2000 words) over longer pieces. 

Submit your poetry and prose as word documents or PDF. Submit any photos or artwork as jpeg files. Remember, we're publishing online, so the resolution needn't be really high (jpegs up to 2000 pixels).

And for all submissions, be sure to add your biography!

Before you submit, you should read our complete Writers Guidelines which you can find here

Sea to Sky Review